Mum Has Baby Kidnapped by State Because She is a Wheelchair User and Said No To Hep B Vaccine at Bir

In the second case I have heard in just a few days, a mother with a medical condition is threatened with child loss because she refuses consent for a medical intervention. A woman with cerebral palsy who uses a wheelchair and her 'abled' partner, had their baby snatched by the authorities after she refused Hepatitis B vaccine for her newborn son on his first day of life. Hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted disease that can only be got through unprotected intercourse, dirty needle sharing or from a Hep B positive mother during childbirth. Babies born to Hep B negative mothers are at zero risk of getting it, and as antibodies only last around five years, any shot given in babyhood will not protect in the teen and adults years. So, they said no to the vaccine and after that, police removed their baby, stating that the mother wasn't fit to look after him because she has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair.

The mother is mentally competent and the father is 'abled' and fit.

Social workers stated that in order to get her baby back, she would need an 'abled' person to care for him 24/7. This was despite the fact that the baby boy had only just been born..

Luckily, her church pastor and several members of her church arranged that they would help her care for the baby so the judge temporarily returned him. A pre-trial motion was set for 18th December 2017 because the state still intended to take the child away and possibly bring CRIMINAL proceedings against the couple for being disabled and exercising a medical choice, but thankfully the judge dismissed the case.

I find it extremely concerning that when parents with disabilities say no to a medical treatment or make what is considered an unconventional choice, for example, home birth, authorities threaten to or actually do remove their children and use their disability as a reason, since such choices are legal and obtaining informed consent or informed refusal is a cornerstone of medicine and a basic human right, they have to then come up with other reasons to remove a child. Bullying people in positions of power use disability discrimination to remove children from such parents because disability is a reason for termination of parental rights in both the USA and UK. Prejudism is rife among the 'able' dominated court and social services and disabled parents have absolutely no legal right to protection from this discrimination in their parenting role. Power drunk professionals who look down on people with disabilities and see us as less than everyone else think nothing of taking our children when our families don't conform to what they expect. Their ugenic agenda is still going on long after they stopped sterilizing us in the 1970's.

That is why laws BANNING disabled parent discrimination are vital.

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