Intellectually Disabled Mother Wins the Right to Her Son After Foster Worker Lied About Her Being Ab

Mother deemed not intelligent enough to have her own baby faced attempts by Medway council to remove her child. Allegations against her included that she was disabled and not intelligent enough to be a mother and that the house where they lived was a mess. They also alledged she screamed abuse at her baby and the foster care worker and was racist towards them.

However, she recorded the foster worker secretly and it transpired it was the foster worker who was abusive and racist against her for being Indian.

Medway council had never formally assessed her parenting abilities despite trying to take her baby because she's disabled and were actively seeking to adopt out the baby, an action thankfully quashed by the court.

The judge wrote in her summing up of the case:

'intervention by the family courts must be proportionate and not become social engineering by turning away from leaving or reuniting children with their imperfect but adequate birth parents in favour of idealised alternatives.''

I believe that taking children away from parents with learning difficulties is ugenics and harks back to a time when forced sterilization of people deemed not intelligent enough to have children, but who exactly makes this determination and why does anyone in the government have more say over a parent's child than the actual parent (in cases where no abuse has occured)? Most people don't have their IQ tested and it would be interesting to see how many entirely normal and caring parents fell below the threshold of what they deem 'intelligent'.

Doctors informed my mother I wouldn't walk until I was in my teens. I walked at five years old. They said I'd never be able to write properly - now I do it for a living. Teachers called me dim at school but I'm gifted in some areas and not so in others and I went to university and am continuing to learn through many courses that I have received distinctions and A grades for. I defied every expectation that 'abled' people in authority put on me because no one has the right to put limits on a person or write them off because of percieved ideas about their disability.

Society is slowly catching on because for some disabilites like Down Syndrome they have stopped referring to a person's 'mental age' because they realise that people are capable of learning even when they have a mental disability - they just learn slower and in a different way to a neuro-typical person.

It's a pity, then that when it comes to disabled parenting, they don't apply this knowledge and recognise that in many cases a parent with an intellectual disability can learn to be a parent even if they do it in a different way than the rest of the population.

Medway Council vs. AP and RK

Social Workers Under Scrutiny After Parents Record Sessions

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