Why Disabled Parent's Should NOT Approach Social Services

I contacted Disabled Parent's Network myself a few years ago and all their advice when I asked where I could get an assistant from while waiting for surgery was 'go to social services'. I pointed out that social services had been harrassing me for years because of my disability, they just said 'they have a complaints process' - not much good if they take your child.

All the leaflets and booklets they sent me revolved around using social services to enable you as a disabled parent. In reality, if you try to access this they will just want to bring child services into your life and since disability is considered a risk for neglect, you run the risk of losing your child.

I didn't join Disabled Parents Network because of this and thankfully they've closed down as I'm not the only one who thought this. I solved my own problem by hiring my best friend during my post-operative phase.

I waited for years for someone to address the issue of discrimination against disabled parents and no one ever did, and especially not DPN whose job it was to do that. Disabled Parent's Political Union are here for one purpose - to amend the Equality Act 2010 and stop children being taken from parents just because they have a disability. We want an end to harrassment and bullying and we are not going to fob parents off with calls to go to the very authority that makes life worse.

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