Disabled Mum Wins Daughter Back After Legal Battle

In another news article about the mother with a mild intellectual disability, the reasons given for taking the child are so flimsy it beggars belief. The reasons were:

1. She was nervous to change a nappy after the baby's birth (any first timer is nervous - I was terrified).

2. She missed a night feed because she couldn't read the analogue clock (why was the baby being fed to a schedule? The most current medical advice is that babies need to be fed on demand, i.e. when they are hungry. If the baby wasn't crying then she wasn't hungry and wasn't in need of a feed. Listening to her baby's cues would have eliminated the need for clocks). Secondly, the hospital did not provide a digital alternative or any other measures to enable her in her parenting role.

3. She forgot to burp the baby (exhausted, first time mother, anyone?).

Those were the only reasons and if they were put forward as reasons to take a child from an intellectually 'typical' or abled bodied mother, it wouldn't even get to court. This is a complete disgrace and should not be allowed to happen in any civilised country in the world.

Disabled Mum Wins Daughter Back

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