.Langley Mill, Upper Dunstead Road

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.DPPU promises to:

1. Campaign to add a disabled parent amendment to the Equality Act 2010 for the benefit of ill and disabled parents nationwide.

2. Campaign to add a clause to the Children's Act 1989 to prevent discrimination and benefit families nationwide.

3. Campaign to move direct payments to HMRC so they can be applied for in the same way as PIP/DLA so that social services isn't required, nationwide.

4. Campaign for the formation of a 'disabled parent' section of social services, staffed by at least some social workers with a disability or health problem, for those parents who do require assistance.

5. Campaign for abled children of disabled parents to have transportation to school, if required, nationally.

6. Campaign for a free counselling service that is kept off NHS records for the patient's confidentiality and to support mental health.

7. Campaign for the introduction of disabled parent accessible supermarket trolleys for babies (so that disabled parents can easily put their baby in or take them out of the trolley seat.

8. Campaign for our disabled parent logo to be used in shops and supermarkets to raise awareness that disabled parents can be parents.

9. Campaign for baby changing tables with safety straps that are set lower down to accommodate wheelchair users and parents with mobility challenges.

10. Campaign for fully front opening highchairs on wheels to be placed in restaurants for parents with disabilities and their babies.

11. Campaign for fines to be implemented if disabled toilets are used as storage cupboards (a common problem) and that feminine hygiene bins are always placed in disabled toilets.

Local Issues (Langley Mill/Aldercar)

1. Campaign for the formation of extra-curricular activities for Langley Mill youth, such as classes and football club.

2. Campaign for extra dustbins/dog poop bins on the residential estates in Langley Mill to deal with the problem of discarded rubbish and dog poo. Extra training for refuse workers so they pick up litter they have dropped on bin days.

3. Campaign for re-surfacing of roads so that resident's cars aren't damaged by pot hole.

4. Campaign for new local buses to Aldercar and Langley Mill to remedy the problem of frequent breakdown and late buses.

5. Campaign for a lift for Langley Mill train station to make it disabled accessible.

Langley Mill, Great Northern Basin of Erewash Canal.

mattjenniepearson [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons.